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    Business Start Up
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    Director or MD
    I coach SMEs including MLM businesses to developing their businesses to their desired positions of success.
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    Public Sector Executive Coaching

    12 Years public sector experience

Do you still need more reasons to choose EDS!



Growing you busiiness can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do.  That is because you can put YOU right at the heart of you business.

You will use your visions; you will use your creativity; you will use your skills and experience developed over time.  You will also use your education and knowledge.

You will need to implement certain strength of character and personal values in your business: You will need to exercise courage, determination and persistence in order to grow your business.

The list does seems long and I agree, it is, and because growing your business is bourne out of choice – your choice to step into your purpose and make a difference to your future, and perhaps your family’s future and make a difference to the world, of course it can seems daunting.  There is one thing to remember and that is on this journey to growing you business, you do not have do it ALONE!

I am here to walk with you, side by side, on that journey.  To have deep and searching coversations with you  to discover those deep-seated skills, knowledge and gifts which lie inside of you and bring them to the surface to serve you in your business.

I am here to guide you through those processes and strategies you will need to implement to ‘Transform’  YOUR business into a successful business which will bring you the clients you want to serve and to whom you want to give the highest value.

The possibilities for growing YOUR business are endless.  Come with me and discover them.


Public Sector Expert

Public Sector Expert

Do you work in the Public Sector and are looking to increase productivity and improve performance within tight budgets?

If so, contact me on the email address or telephone number provided.



Welcome to EDS Coaching and  This website has been created to help you to access solutions and resources help you grow and improve your business as quickly as possible.Those solutions come in these forms;

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