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Welcome to my Website.

I am the Founder and Owner EDS Coaching and Consulting

I founded EDS Coaching and Consultancy specifically to serve Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that often experience a struggle to have the business they saw themselves creating and flourishing in. This is the case no matter what type of business it is. All seem at some stage to get ‘stuck’, or the business plataeu and the owner is unable to move forward, some because they had not positioned themselves in the right way; others because their clientele diminished and they do not know to how to recapture the number of client they once served and they no longer know how to re-engage or re-connect with them. These are the already established businesses.

In the case of Start-ups, many new business owners struggle to get their business to work because they just cannot get their ideas to work for them, which they envisioned would serve their clients, change their clients’ lives and the lives of their families.

The above are only some of the issues and problems that my Coaching and Consulting service is created to solve.  There is much, much more!

I have worked with a number of SME businesses.  These are: a Hairdressing Business, a Floral Artistry Business, the Legal Profession, Church Leadership, the Public Sector and Multi-level Marketing businesses.

What I have achieved for them are: Change in focus and which resulted in a change in business model; marketing strategies which when implemented reached their ideal clients and an increase the number of ideal clients; life-work balance; increased profits.

The clients I now serve are as follows:


I help you to explore where the opportunities lie, whether in setting up and developing your own business or providing your service within, or to, another sector.

I help you to make decisions on what is most appropriate for you, based on your training and expertise.
I help you to decide on best approaches, for taking your service to the next level, whether in your own practice or as a service to another organisation.

I give you full support throughout our time together and beyond.


I have a consultation sessions which are either face to face, via the telephone of over Skype. In these sessions I look at what you want and where you are now: what your goals’plans are for you and your business, whether you are building a new career or a new business, or want to experience a transformation in whatever you are already doing.

For a Business, here is what we will cover:

Identifying Your niche clients
Your Brand – whether how are showing up to the market place and to your ideal clients the way you want to
Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the Market
Your Strategic Marketing Plan – how you get clients

For your Career, here is what we will cover:

I look at Career Planning and Job Search Strategies, to include
– Your transferable knowledge and skills
– Create a S.W.O.T analysis to identify where your strengths lie
– Assess what you want to get in your career and where you want to progress to
– Look at the type of organisations you want to consider, and how you could serve them
– Look at how you can create a professional CV
– Coach you on interview techniques
– Coach you on job search strategies
– Coach you on how to undertake extensive research of your chosen organisation(s)
– Coach you on how to carry out extensive research of the job market, in general
– Coach you on how to access the best recruitment professionals
– Coach you on salary negotiations skills

I provide you with full support throughout the process with recommendations to online sites such as the Law Gazette as well as my own information products such as e-books, articles, videos, webinars and teleseminars.





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