1. What can you expect from EDSCOACHING?
    I offer life coaching, business development and youth coaching.

    You can expect coaching sessions that are entirely focused on you and on what you want to get out of them. You can expect a challenging and supportive coach who will listen, question and not judge.

    I will look with you, at your goal, issue or subject from many angles. I will explore with you, what you want to achieve and where you are in relation to that. I will look with you, at what it will mean to you to have what you want and understand what is stopping you having it now. I will draw out all the possible options and opportunities available to you… You will realise for yourself how many of these you come up with! You will choose what actions you will take and what strategies you will put in place to achieve what you want.

    You will, at the end of each session, know what your next steps are, what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. You will learn how to break through any blocks that are in your way and feel motivated, inspired and energised.

  2. When, Where and How?
    Coaching sessions will take place over the phone. This means that you can be in your own home (or even in another country!), comfortable and relaxed and absorbed in these session, in which the focus in completely on you. However, if you prefer face to face sessions, these can be arranged agreed at a location in South London.

    Clients usually ask for weekly coaching sessions which last for an hour. To fit around your current lifestyle these can be fortnightly or any other arrangements that you agree with me. Usually 6 – 12 sessions are recommended, but you, would decide. I have coached a client for just one session and they have made huge progress and equally clients have stayed longer than 12 sessions because it suited them. It does work well to book a six session packages, but it is entirely up to you and you decide how long you continue having coaching.

  3. What results?
    • My clients achieved top grades in their examinations which helped them obtained places in some of the UK’s most prominent universities in addition to gaining excellent results in their degrees.
    • My coaching will help you to look at your current position and decide where the changes should be; help you to set targets and achieve them; stretch and develop yourself in your chosen area/field; develop a positive attitude; help to make the changes you wish; help you to get committed to your achievements and hold you to your commitment
    • Work with you to bring about your own success.
  4. What I will expect from you?
    • To face up to your biggest challenge
    • To do what it takes to succeed, “walk the talk”.